Step into the Year of Your Dreams

Posted on: October 17, 2018

Saturday, December 8th, 10am – 12pm

With Annie Notestein


So many of us are so busy, focused on our day to day life that we forget about living our dreams.

We’ve forgotten the happiness and satisfaction our dreams and passions bring us when they become our reality.

In this workshop, Annie will share the top 3 reasons she has learned why so many people aren’t living the life they’re yearning for and how to transform them in your own life. You’ll also learn how to identify the signs that “shoulding” on yourself is getting in the way of your happiness. Annie will walk you through a joyful heart-centered, three-step process to identify what YOU truly desire for yourself – how you want to be and feel in the world – and what you want to be experiencing this coming year.


Annie Notestein is the peace of mind and self-esteem coach for introverts and women who are sensitive to what others say. She teaches how to quit second-guessing your decisions and turn your attention away from your inner critic and all those “shoulds” in your head; and instead, access your inner wisdom to identify your true desires, say “YES!” to self-love and make decisions that you know, deep down, are right for you.


Annie is a certified Integrative Coach. She trained in Hakomi Therapy, a mind-body-spirit method, with Cedar Barstow after earning an MS in Counseling Psychology.


Public:$20; Caritas Members: $15


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