The State of our State of Mind Address: An Opportunity to Engage in Non-Partisan Subtle/Sacred Activism

Posted on: February 11, 2017


Wednesday, February 22, 7-9 pm,

with Dennis Evenson.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and this wasn’t it! Now that the impact of the Trump presidency is sinking in, some of us found ourselves sinking along with it.  There’s an endemic new form of P.T.S.D. going viral in America: Post Trump Stress Disorder.  For me this felt like awakening to find myself trapped in a Hieronymus Bosch painting!  Since one way to illuminate the darkness is to make light of it, we’ll begin the evening with some political stand-up comedy on what our current political situation says about the collective state of the American mind.

Though this opening paragraph telegraphs my particular political bias, please note at the outset that this evening is not a gratuitous exercise in Trump bashing.  Whatever your political allegiances there are exercises we can each engage in to send light and healing in a non-invasive way to all our current governmental representatives.

A group of us have been working bi-weekly for seven years with subtle activism and the Incarnational Spirituality of David Spangler, former co-director of the Findhorn Community. The main intents of this presentation are 1) to share perspectives from David’s inner contacts which help to situate and contextualize the tasks now set before us as we confront our present political divide and 2) introduce techniques of ‘subtle activism’ so that participants, whatever their political persuasion, can be empowered with tools that can offer something positive to enhance the possibilities that the better selves of our governmental officials might emerge.

Subtle political activism is non-partisan; it helps to facilitate the connection between a candidate and their soul’s intent; it can aid in aligning the individual with the inspiration and help of higher spiritual forces, be they human guides or angelic. The prime directive of subtle-activism is that nothing is imposed. The sovereignty of the individual is approached with utmost respect and honored.

We approach this work as servants of the highest good, in collaboration with the indwelling sacredness of the human recipient. This entails knowing ourselves as embodied sacredness in alignment with the sacredness of the world. The task before us is to engage this time of change with love and courage, and with fiery hope in the sacred possibilities that slumber within us in order that out of the many factions of humanity a collaborative spirit of unity may gradually emerge.

 Prof. Dennis Evenson was a teaching fellow at both Harvard and Oxford Universities.  A member of the Findhorn Community, he was head writer of the Oxford Satirical Revue and Director of Education at the Long Island Conservatory. A Sufi Priest for 35 years, Dennis was North American Organizer for the U.N.’s 40th Anniversary International Conference and recently engaged in a 3-year solo meditative retreat.

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