Playing Whole Heartedly With Life! Playfully Conscious! Fun. Powerful. Practical.

Posted on: May 23, 2017

Saturday, July 15 * 10 am – 5 pm, and

Sunday, July 16 * 10 am – 3 pm,

 with Justice Bartlett, CHT.

Explore healing and transformation through active engagement with energy, story and symbol. Revitalize and alchemize your Inner Child through integrative, playful journeying. Dance, move and create with the energies of Innocence, Intelligence and Integrity as you befriend your body and emotions as guides to expressing deeper wholeness. Unravel familial and social conditioning to invite your most authentic self expression to emerge and play harmoniously in relationships, business and all walks of life!

Live. Laugh. Love. Imagine. Create.

For information or to register:

Go to, email [email protected],

or call 425-256-3007. Full class description at Blog: Playing Wholeheartedly With Life.

General Public $200 * Caritas Members $175

Justice Bartlett, CHT, has 12 years experience as a professional Transformational Coach, healer, teacher, and paradigm shifter. Her unique approach to creating dynamic change through the art of Conscious Play, invites people to shift and heal in a whole hearted experiential way, engaging their own intuition and accessing their own personal personal creative power, embodying an authentically joyful life through State of the Heart Learning and Play. Justice served 6 years as an associate teacher and seminar facilitator at Matrix Energetics Intl. She has also studied massage therapy, transpersonal hypnotherapy, Shamanic Journeying and Reiki. She has developed multiple Playshops for children and adults from all walks of life and maintains a practice offering private sessions via Skype and phone, classes live and virtual, and retreats.

At The Caritas Center * 5723 Arapahoe Avenue * Boulder, CO 80303

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