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We had a great turnout for the Panel Discussion on Technology, Consciousness and Personal Transformation from 4/13.



Gabe Sereni; researcher, speaker, and transpersonal life coach did a great job as Moderator and we got to meet the Panelists; all with different backgrounds and information to share:

Thomas D. Abraham M.A.; a PhD student of psychology studying the mental representation of emotion.

Romain Vakilitabar; a virtual reality filmmaker, social entrepreneur and author.

Corwin Bell M.A.; an accomplished creative director and innovative producer


Hale Brownlee; senior mobile application developer, teacher, author and master energy healer.




It was wonderful to experience a wide diversity among the panelists; most of whom are involved with the Denver/Boulder Consciousness Hacking Group.  There are a myriad of technical gadgets that can integrate with consciousness to help facilitate and enhance personal growth and transformation.  Different aspects of this topic were discussed including what are the benefits and pitfalls of using this kind of technology, different platforms like virtual reality and biofeedback and the future of this kind of technology.

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