Panel Discussion: Technology, Consciousness and Personal Transformation

Posted on: March 24, 2018

Friday, April 13th, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

At The Caritas Center

$20 General Public; $15 Caritas Members; $10 Students (with ID)


Join us for a round table discussion of technologists, spiritual teachers, researchers and visionary thinkers who are actively engaged in the area of where science, spirit, and humanity are converging with technology, creating compelling possibilities.  We will explore the nature of this convergence, how technology can be used for our personal and spiritual growth, emerging tools and technologies in the field that can help us grow, how technology is affecting our well-being, and future possibilities where consciousness and technology work in harmony.  Don’t miss out on this cutting edge panel discussion at the forefront of personal transformation, well-being and self-exploration!

Note: If you arrive 10-15 minutes early you can demo cutting edge tools/technologies first hand, which can be used for personal growth and well-being.




Gabriel Sereni is a researcher, speaker, and transpersonal life coach. He has served in various leadership positions in non-profit organizations involved in the scientific study of transcendent experiences and as an entrepreneur in the eCommerce sector.  For over fifteen years he has presented at conferences and has given lectures and workshops worldwide on topics related to psychology, personal and spiritual growth, transcendent experiences, history and science. He has over two decades of experience studying and applying numerous practices for personal and spiritual growth and is an experienced meditator and instructor.  From these practices he has had numerous experiences regarding non-local states of awareness including lucid dreams, remote viewing and out-of-body experiences, and actively conducts scientific research in this area. Gabriel is a co-organizer for the Consciousness Hacking Boulder/Denver group. To learn more about Gabriel’s upcoming events and research, visit his website at 



Corwin Bell M.A. is an accomplished creative director and innovative producer with over twenty years in creative development and production of interactive neurofeedback and biofeedback computer games, visual communications and film. He lead a team as creative director and producer for a state-of-the-art wellness based gaming environment which has become the pioneering icon of wellness gaming in the industry,” The Journey to Wild Divine” series. The games are still currently being used by the mainstream and practitioners with several scientific studies resulting in a myriad of positive health benefits. His vision for the creative is exceptional and he is currently working on several VR, AR, spatial computing projects pioneering this new field of experience for the user. To learn more about Corwin and his projects visit his website: 


Hale Brownlee is a senior mobile application developer, teacher, author and master energy healer.  Since childhood, Hale has been naturally curious about how things worked. He uses his engineering background, spiritual wisdom, and scientific mindset to gain unique insights into the nature of the world we live in. He is fascinated with how the mind affects the body and its surroundings and how to scientifically measure the effects. Hale is the creator of the intention based video game “Mind Race”, co-author of the book “Feel Great Now” and creator of the “Stress Miracle” Stress reduction system.  He has also given numerous workshops on how to reprogram your brain to reduce stress and promote healing. To learn more about Hale and his work, visit his website:


Romain Vakilitabar is a virtual reality filmmaker, social entrepreneur and author.  After a bad accident where he was forced to contemplate life, Romain decided he would pursue a journey worth living. Since then, he published his children’s book communicating climate change to younger audiences, traveled the world with Unreasonable at Sea, a social entrepreneurship accelerator on a ship, helping 9 ventures scale globally, and helped build Watson University, a new university model for 25 of the world’s most promising next generation leaders, as Vice President. Romain is now founder of Pathos, a virtual reality lab creating empathy-based and perception-changing experiences. He’s also been featured in the new books “2 Billion Under 20” and “Compassionate Careers”, has spoken internationally, and was voluntarily homeless in the streets of Scandinavia to train his mental resilience and to test the dogma that “need is the mother of all invention.”   To learn more about his current work, visit the Pathos website at:

Thomas D. Abraham M.A., is a PhD student of psychology studying the mental representation of emotion. He also moonlights as a consciousness researcher designing and conducting psi-related experiments in areas such as remote viewing (RV) and mind-matter interaction (i.e., PK). He has presented his theoretical work at several national conferences including the International Congress on Consciousness (ICC), the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), and the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) as well as locally. In Denver, Mr. Abraham serves as a group leader / coordinator for the local IANDS chapter, is a co-organizer for the Consciousness Hacking Boulder/Denver group, and is the cofounder of the Denver Consciousness Technologies organization.


This panel is sponsored by The Caritas Center: 5723 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder and the Consciousness Hacking Boulder/Denver Group





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