New Study Group: The Biology of Transcendence

Posted on: December 13, 2017

Mondays, 5:30 – 7 pm, beginning January 15.

Join the Caritas Science and Consciousness study group as we read and discuss

The Biology of Transcendence

A Blueprint of the Human Spirit

by Joseph Chilton Pearce


$5 per class

This study group will meet weekly, facilitated by Caritas director, Gloria Coelho.

Why do we seem stuck in a culture of violence and injustice?  How is it that we can recognize the transcendent ideal represented by figures such as Jesus, Lao-tzu, and many others who have walked among us, and yet not seem to reach the same state?

In The Biology of Transcendence Joseph Chilton Pearce examines the current biological understanding of our neural organization to address how we can go beyond the limitations and constraints of our current capacities of body and mind – how we can transcend.  Recent research in the neurosciences and neurocardiology identifies the four neural centers of our brain and indicates that a fifth such center is located in the heart.  This research reveals that the evolutionary structure of our brain and its dynamic interactions with our heart are designed by nature to reach beyond current evolutionary capacities.  We are, quite literally, made to transcend.

Pearce explores how this biological imperative drives our life into ever-greater realms of being – even as the cultural imperative of social conformity and behavior counters this genetic heritage, blocks our transcendent capacities and breeds violence in all its forms.  The conflict between religion and spirit is an important part of this struggle.  But each of us may overthrow these cultural imperatives to reach “unconflicted behavior,” wherein heart and mind-brain resonate in synchronicity, opening us to levels of possibility beyond the ordinary.                                                                                                                                       – from back cover

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