Midlife Transitions: Season to Season

Posted on: July 9, 2012

Friday, July 13, 7-9 pm,

with Deborah Windrum, author of Harvest the Bounty of Your Career.

“Every landscape is, as it were, a state of the soul, and whoever penetrates into both is astonished to find how much likeness there is in each detail.”    Henri Frederic Amiel

Do changes in the weather and the landscape affect your mood and energy? Are you more aware of the seasons of your life as you experience midlife? Every season paints a distinctive landscape and evokes an ambiance that is likely to color our mood and summon resonant feelings, desires, thoughts, and memories. Let’s explore qualities of each month to affirm and support midlife transitions and create a direct connection to natural cycles.

Deborah F. Windrum, independent author/presenter and librarian at the University of Colorado Boulder, wrote Harvest the Bounty of Your Career in order to reconcile the persistent demands of a career with evolving priorities in the second half of life. Harvest is about appreciating the natural cycles of life’s seasons, distilling the gifts of work, and cultivating a new season of life.

[email protected], www.HarvestTheBounty.com

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”   Stanley Horowitz

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