Learn Telekinesis (Mind-Over-Matter)

Posted on: January 30, 2018

Friday, March 9, 7 – 9 pm,

with Sean McNamara.

This class is a fun and interesting way to do what most people think is impossible. Specifically, you will be trained to move a small piece of foil, protected with a glass cover, without touching it in any way, and from a distance. You will learn to manipulate its movement by shifting your body’s subtle energy via breath-work, intention, and attention. We’ll discuss the implications for using this technique in meditation, healing, using a vision board, and more. Just bring an open-minded attitude, nothing more. Your intention is truly powerful.

General Public $25 / Caritas Members $20

Sean McNamara lives in Denver, Colorado, where he teaches meditation, telekinesis, lucid dreaming and the out-of-body experience. He is the author of “Meditation X: Telekinesis” and “Defy Your Limits.” He is married to Cierra McNamara, the founder of Mayu Sanctuary, a secular meditation center. He also makes his living as a Realtor. His website is www.MindPossible.com

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