Human Potential: The power of the heart

Posted on: July 22, 2014

Friday, August 22, 7 – 8:30 pm,
With Dr. Dominique Surel.
dominique surel head

Dr. Surel will present surprising scientific discoveries about the function of the heart. The heart is not just a pump but a complex neurological system that sends messages to the brain that affect our sense of perception and how we make decisions. The heart not only learns and has a memory but it is believed to be the headquarters for intuition and connecting into non-local information. The lecture will cover the specific functions of the mind and its relationship with the heart. Topics such as cellular memory and neurocardiology will be discussed.

The timeliness of the material presented in this lecture and the questions it raises are critical, if we wish to learn about the potential for human evolution. We live in a world that appears to be driven by the evolution of technology – but what about the evolution of humanity? Why is it that in this 21st Century we are still fighting religious wars? Research demonstrates that the mind, in the early days of mankind, was programmed for survival whilst the heart has a natural desire to create bonds with other hearts. Our educational system and society in general have not addressed the intelligent functions of the heart. Instead we have focused on the development of the brain that thinks in a mechanistic way, and who now believes it is totally in charge of our cognitive skills, emotions, and human potential.

If we hope to trigger a true evolution of the human race, perhaps we need to learn how to think with our hearts. We need to re-educate our brain, or mind, to collaborate with the heart signals instead of blocking them. Perhaps this type of integrated thinking is the first step toward a transformational process of the human condition. Join us for an evening of thought-provoking information followed by Q&A and discussions.

General Public $15/Caritas Members $10

Dominique Surel, PhD, MBA  is a Noetic scientist who lectures and conducts workshops around the world. She is trained in radiesthesia and Controlled Remote Viewing with an expertise in Intuitive Intelligence. Her Doctoral research focused on the role of intuition in the decision-making process. She is a Professor and Dean of Faculty at the Energy Medicine University (CA) where she teaches Master and PhD level courses: Critical Thinking, Spiritual Leadership, Intuitive Intelligence, Radiesthesia, and Controlled Remote Viewing. She worked for many years in Europe as a strategy consultant. Other past business experience includes working at Harvard University (Program on Negotiation); MIT (Plasma Fusion Center); The International Herald Tribune, London (creating and writing business supplements in Europe). In Paris she taught and created curricula for the Department of Adult Education (AFPA).


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