Health Hacking: Could reducing stress be the #1 way to improve your health?

Posted on: January 23, 2018

Thursday, March 29, 7 – 9 pm,

A Talk and Book Signing with Hale Brownlee,

Author, Scientist, Engineer and Energy Healer.


This talk is for anyone fed up with pain – physical or emotional and for those interested in creating better health for themselves or their clients. Hale shows you specific tools to get rid of headaches that are simple to learn and work quickly.

The western model of health treats us as purely biological machines governed by chemical processes, while the eastern models (both Indian and Chinese) state that it is imbalances in vital energy that cause disease. The new age approach is “It’s all about your thinking” and the spiritual approach gives God a central role in health and healing. Find out who is right in this enlightening talk and learn hacks that allow you to:

  • Dramatically reduce your stress level in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Create an experience of peace, joy, awe, bliss, etc. whenever you desire.
  • Reprogram your triggers so that you can enjoy your relationships instead of getting pissed off.
  • Use physical movement to feel amazing while interacting in the world.
  • Calm your racing mind so you get to sleep quickly, sleep deeply, and awaken feeling great.

Whether you are looking to solve a specific health challenge or wanting to push the limits of human performance, Hale can help you find the answers. He is the author of “Feel Great Now: How to Dissolve Stress, Think Clearly, Eliminate Headaches and Sleep Through the Night.”

Don’t miss this talk if you ever feel stressed out, overwhelmed or anxious. Imagine being able to change how you are feeling as quickly as changing the channel on your TV. It is possible and Hale has taught others how to do it.

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