Handling the Stress of Cancer in Your Family & Life: Fall in Love with Yourself & the World Will Follow Suit

Posted on: February 4, 2018

Wednesday, February 14th 6:00 pm,

FREE Workshop Series with Eliana Salter.

This week, you will learn to embrace, support, and nurture your inner critic, your inner child, and creative power. We all need sanctuary, when it is threatened by events, situations, people, or a “diagnosis,” it can subconsciously trigger severe threat responses to normally ordinary situations. Traditionally we look to family and friends for this, but sometimes that is missing or flawed.

Here we will discuss how to not only create it for yourself (sometimes protecting you from your “self”) but also create it for others. All meetings will be a combination of lecture and group mastermind, so we can better leverage the collective wisdom of the group for better, faster, and more complete healing.

Eliana Salter, recent cancer survivor and a “wounded healer,” has worked with top experts in deep Jungian shadow work, PTSD treatment, and clinical depression for decades, bringing insights from the latest neuroscience, EFT, and other wisdom traditions into her work.

For more on Eliana, go to wwwshiftyourheart.com or call her at 813-789-7225.

Meetup.com info at: Handling the Stress of Cancer in Your Family & Life


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