Handling the Stress of Cancer in Your Family & Life: “I Don’t Have Monkey Mind, I Have a Whole Committee!”

Posted on: February 4, 2018

Wednesday, February 28th 6:00 pm,

FREE Workshop Series with Eliana Salter.

Using a combination of neuroscience and wisdom traditions, this week we’ll address the universal problem of taming our own brains. What the Buddhists call “monkey mind,” the Catholics call “temptation,” neuroscience calls the reactive or limbic brain. Eliana’s decades long experiences and studies on PTSD and Jungian shadow work helped her decode some of these patterns and triggers we all share.

Eliana Salter, recent cancer survivor and a “wounded healer,” has worked with top experts in deep Jungian shadow work, PTSD treatment, and clinical depression for decades, bringing insights from the latest neuroscience, EFT, and other wisdom traditions into her work.

For more on Eliana, go to wwwshiftyourheart.com or call her at 813-789-7225.

Meetup.com info at: Handling the Stress of Cancer in Your Family & Life


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