Girl Goddess Playshop: Self Empowerment for Teens

Posted on: May 14, 2018

With Anne Rastello and Marcella Lively       

Saturday, July 14th 1:00 – 5:00PM

At The Caritas Center 5723 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO. 80303

This Playshop is a glorious opportunity to explore your inner nature and discover the power and beauty of your true self. Learn how the Goddess archetypes from around the world can empower and awaken you to the woman you are becoming.

  • Enjoy artwork, movement, guided visualization, and other fun activities that will assist you on your journey to self discovery.
  • Feel stronger in yourself by connecting with a powerful Goddess archetype.
  • Create your personal Goddess journal.
  • Let your true light shine.

The Girl Goddess Playshop is based on Goddess archetypes and their attributes to provide healthy alternatives to yielding to peer pressure or the media’s portrayal of women. You are invited to view your life from a sacred feminine perspective and to self identify with heroine role models.


Marcella Lively

Marcella J. Lively holds a masters degree in Psychology and Counseling. She is an author, songwriter, parenting educator, and teacher for women’s spirituality. She lives in Boulder, CO.



Mixed Media Artist
High School Art Teacher (10 Years)
Member Center of the Sacred Feminine (21 Years)
Lifelong researcher of Goddess Archetypes
Grandmother of two girls

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