patty hansenPatty Hansen, CNS RXN, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

(303) 908-8087,

As a practitioner of East-West medicine the past 12 years, I’ve handled over  800 cases at a Denver Mental Health Center. As I have “seen it all” in psychiatry, I hope I can help YOU to Find Your Divinity through Spiritual Psychiatry. Fridays by appointment; cash only.

shayn smith

Shayn Smith

(720) 988-7319,

Shayn Smith is certified in Emotional Transformation (EmoTrance), Thought-Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, AromaTouch Technique and Bio-Touch. He is also trained in Pranic Healing, Acupressure, and Quantum Touch. Shayn has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is Past-President of the Colorado Counseling Association.

Shayn has always held a strong interest in healing. In the early 1970s he wrote college papers on the power of healings and positive thinking in his Hinduism, Buddhism, and religion classes. As a student of theosophical and metaphysical thought, he has helped many people clear various physical and emotional discomforts.

Shayn is also a Universal Life Church minister, and an experienced professional astrologer ( who practices western and vedic astrology. He is an accomplished musician. His recent original composition on energy is featured on the World Wide Energy Awareness Event site.

kari halvorsonKari Halvorson, Soul Based Therapy & Reiki Master

(503) 475-5759,

With a Master’s in Counseling and being a Reiki Master and intuitive, Kari blends research-based technologies with esoteric methods. She is gifted at transmitting life force and seeing into multidimensions. This could be to: increase intuition; clear auras, cords, energy blocks, and chakras; investigate karma; connect with spirits; explore soul essence; facilitate integration; reduce pain; understand karma, soul agreements and physical somatization of emotions; and balance the physical body. Life force knows no boundaries and enriches the mind, body, and spirit. Kari works with people who desire to uncover the spiritual core of their issues and strengths. Empowering beings to connect with their internal healing abilities and wisdom, soul, Mother Earth, and the Universe is Kari’s passion. For a limited time, initial sessions are discounted to $20/hr. Schedule now by calling Kari at 503-475-5759.

debra head onlyDebra Kemis, Certified Transitional Life Coach and Consultant

(720) 323-6127,

Debra is known as a Consultant and Mentor to women in transition. She is the president and founder of Rise Design, a company committed to the growth and empowerment of women. As an entrepreneur and life coach Debra inspires individuals to live heart-centered, powerfully expressed lives.

creekside smilingKatie Wells, Subtle Energy Healing

(303) 408-4221,,

I work with the subtle energies of the body and offer gentle guidance and encouragement on your path.  Take valuable time to come to your center and experience deep relaxation, healing, clarity and nourishment.  I offer 30 minute ‘discovery sessions’ by phone, a free offering to help you to feel into your current needs and what you seek to shift in your life. For more, visit my website.

kristina sophia

Kristina Sophia, Sound Healing Musician

(303) 618-6404,

I do private Sound Healing sessions and group Sound Healing Meditations. I call on your guides and my guides to provide me with the specific frequencies, melodies and rhythms that are beneficial for your healing.

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